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End of 2012 Season

Our first growing season is come and gone, and our 2012 CSA was very much a success. We couldn’t have asked for better weather going into spring and hope that this coming year brings the same good fortune.  Thanks to all of our CSA members and loyal farm-stand customers who made this season come together for us. In particular I’d like to thank Mr. Joe Engel for putting up the land for this endeavor and serving throughout the season as our equipment operator, welder, salesman, and general repairman, and to his dog Sadie, for keeping the groundhogs at bay. Thanks also to Carlie Cole for generously volounteering her time and saving the day on multiple occasions.

I have a lot of improvements and additions intended for the farm next year and expect 2013 to be, well,  awesome. In collaboration with Free Run Farm in Kempton, PA, I will be adding a free-range egg option to the vegetable CSA. Free Run farm is a first year meat CSA specializing in pastured pork, beef, chicken, and turkey. For information on their operation visit

I have been pouring over seed catalogs for the past couple of weeks in order to put together a new and improved crop list for the 2013 season. My goal is to expand the number of varieties and offer more of the old standbys that didn’t make it into the crop plan last year. Implementing a more intensive farming technique and introducing the wonders of proper irrigation will allow me to produce a better yield and continue to maintain high quality standards. Its important to me that I grow the vegetables that people want to eat, so feel free to e-mail me with any requests or suggestions. We will start accepting 2013 CSA subscriptions within the month so check back soon for the details.

Mt. Moriah Farm is dedicated to growing quality vegetables and making sure that they get to your table fresh. We grow in accordance with organic standards because we believe it results in a superior product and a healthier farm. Above all I think that in these crazy times the role of community is huge. The more we can do for ourselves, the less we need to ask for. Until spring.

Rich Sammel




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