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Not surprisingly there has been skepticism surrounding organic products bearing the USDA Certified Organic label. I heard an interesting piece on “Here and Now” (a program on Boston’s NPR) regarding concerns surrounding the United States organic certification. You can listen to the original broadcast here: Has USDA Organic Label Been Corrupted? The program also referenced this Washington Post Article that coincides nicely.

While the USDA organic certification encompasses much more than fruits and vegetables, the concerns are applicable across the board. This can result in smaller businesses losing out due to the ease with which monolithic companies can retrofit their product lines to meet organic standards. Also, consumers begin to question the very merit of the label and the premium price asked for products. But these resources speak for themselves. Enjoy.


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We will no longer be appearing at Kulp Chiropractic on Fridays. Sorry for all of you that missed us the past couple of weeks.

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