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Last year we attended a three day intensive honey bee lecture offered by Delaware Valley College in Doylestown PA. It was a wonderfully informative course for prospective bee-keepers and beginners alike.

Our hope is that next year we will begin to incorporate bee hives into our farm, for increased pollination, and of course, the honey.

There has been a lot of talk and debate concerning honey bees over the past several years due to a decline in their population from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and the possible environmental links associated to it. If you are interested in this elusive phenomena there is no shortage of information on it. Newspapers, bloggers, and peer-reviewed scholarly resources (PLoS one is a great free peer-reviewed scholarly resource) have been covering the topic rather consistently.
But on to the real reason that I am writing. The honey bee event at Edge of the Woods native plant nursery on May 12th reminded me that there is an interesting opportunity going on now. If you are an aspiring bee-keeper, Ohio State University is offering free monthly webinars on bee-keeping. The course did start on April 18th, covering Hive Health Diagnostics, but the next one is not until May 16th, so there is still time to take part in it. The course runs until October 17th and it is very easy to sign up for. Check out the Ohio State University Extension site for more information, or to sign up.
It will be prime honey bee season soon, and undoubtedly you will see them buzzing about your garden. While they are not the only pollinators, they remain an important part of our ecosystem.I am hoping to catch at least a few of these over the next few months, and hopefully some of you out there will be able to find the time as well.

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Mother’s Day weekend is a permanent fixture on many gardeners calendars. It has been quite easy to purchase vegetable starts for quite some time now, and now it is our time to offer you a variety starts that do not have a home on our farm. We have a number of exotic heirloom tomato varieties, traditional heirlooms, and some hybrid plants available for sale.

Have you ever grown Afghani Al-Kuffa tomato plants? Ever tried such varieties as Sub-Arctic Plenty, Nyagous, or Violet Jasper? We have these and many more exciting tomato varieties for you to try out this summer.


You will be able to find us at two locations  for the sale. On Saturday May 12th, we will have a stand at Edge of the Woods native plant nursery on Rt. 100 in Orefield, PA. This is the same day as their “Beyond Honey Bees” event. A great day to pick up some native plants, heirloom vegetable starts, and learn about the wonder of honey bees and their role in our environment, their relationship to native plants, and more.

We will also have a second stand on Saturday May 12th and Sunday the 13th at Spring Lake, at the junction of Fox Rd. an Rt. 501. This is a great opportunity for you to come down and see this part of our farm, and talk to us about what we are doing and what we are growing. We hope to meet many of you from the surrounding community because we believe that when it comes to produce, local is best.

Just look for the Mt. Moriah Farm signs on Rt. 100 and Rt. 501. You won’t be able to miss them.

Besides tomatoes, we will also be offering starts of Romanesco and Walthum broccoli, Swiss Chard, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Squash, and more.

All of our plants have been grown naturally, using organic methods. It would be our pleasure to extend many of these varieties in order to grow and perpetuate the use of heirloom vegetable varieties in the area. 

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June is fast approaching, and with it the start of our CSA season. Much of our crop is now waiting for the sun to come out after the recent deluge of much needed rain.

In addition to the shares we are offering, we will be selling produce from our farm stand at three locations.

Last week we attended the grand opening of Kulp Chiropractic’s health food store. Located on Rt. 10 in Reading, Kulp Chiropractic is a menagerie of professional services and offers a clinical nutrition center as well. We have been working with Dr. Kulp and the city of Reading for quite some time now in order to ensure the stands presence.

The stand will be opening there the first or second week of June and continue every Friday for the entirety of the season. Exact times for the stand will be posted soon on the “Markets” page of our site.

We will also have a stand appearing at Edge of the Woods, a native plant nursery located in Orefield PA on Rt. 100. Edge of the Woods is committed to sustainable growing practices and offers a diversity of the plants native plants. Check out their website for more information on the importance of native plants.

They hold a number of events throughout the season, and coming up on May 12th is one on honey bees and native plants. We have been looking into incorporating bees into our farm, and it is an extremely interesting topic to learn more about, even if you don’t own hives.

We will likewise post the times and dates that the farm stand will be open there on our “Markets” page.

Lastly, we will be running a stand at our satellite location rural Newmanstown, known around here as Spring Lake. Located at the junction of Rt. 501 (just past the Pretzel Hut) and Fox Rd, a stand will be appearing periodically throughout the season.

If you happen to be driving down Rt. 501 between Schaefferstown and Brickerville you can’t miss it.

So if you aren’t a shareholder, there are still plenty of opportunities and locations to pick up our naturally grown produce. We will be accepting shares until mid-May.

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